Quirgle World ImageIntroducing the Quirgles

Far away at the edge of the world, almost hidden by overhanging cliffs, is a beach where there used to be mermaids. Beyond the shore, just behind the horizon, lies a mossy and mysterious land full of magic. This is where the Quirgles live, surrounded by forest and beaches. Some of them shelter in caves or guard rainbow lagoons or lurk in the cool shadows of the tropical forests.

Quirgles are tiny and shy. Their town, Quirgleville, is so well hidden that it’s nearly impossible to find. Almost nobody has ever seen a town Quirgle, much less the wild Quirgles of the forest. Don’t lose heart, though. They are playful and curious creatures.

If you wait quietly and patiently, and if you can keep very still, they might sneak a peek at you from the undergrowth. They might even creep from their hiding places and treat you to some magical mischief. So look to the skies and the treetops or the grasses and the moss, and wait…

Some bounce, some fly, some run and some crawl, but one thing is certain – you will love them all.