Annie May Quirgle

A while back my  friend, Janet Allen told me of a 4 year old little girl named Annie May. Janet was asked to do a Quirgle party for Annie May to celebrate her very last Chemotherapy treatment. This precious little girl and her family have been through a lot lately and her story melted my heart.

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Bluebell Quirgle

Busy, busy, busy, we’ve all had days like this. We have a list of things to do as long as our arm, bills to pay, kids to drive to and fro, work, clean ,cook, you get the idea. Well today was one of those days for me and I can say honestly that my list is considerably smaller after all of my chipping  away.

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Spring is in the air!

And fun is too! Well, it has been a beautiful Winter. We have had so much snow and have had the chance to go sledging down our hills so many times. There have been lots of snowball fights and even several snowmen here at our house. I know I have complained a time or two about the sheer amount of snow that we have gotten here in Ohio but it really has been beautiful. But now….it is definitely Spring!

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The Quirgles are hitting the road and are headed to Florida

All over the world people have been embracing the Quirgles, whether by buying my book, sharing their own variations and new paintings, or simply sending me wonderful little notes of love and support. I just can’t say thank you enough! Now, I am very pleased to announce that I will officially be an instructor at this year’s FABAIC in Fort Lauderdale ,Florida in May. How cool is that?

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DragonFurgle went to work today!

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Well today, I took one of my pet Dragonfurgles to work with me for the first time. Today was the very first time that I have worn a Quirgle on my face for a job and have openly offered them on my choice board.

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Cheer Up Mugglewump!



Cheer up Mugglewump, trade sadness for cheer. We’ll play more tomorrow, when morning is here!


Now I know what you’re thinking, Quirgles are generally happy creatures. However, today let me introduce you to Mugglewump.

Oh, he’s not sad all the time. No, he loves to laugh and play from morning till dark but the only trouble is he never wants to stop. He gets sad and grumpy at the end of the day because he never gets finished playing all of the games he wants to play. Continue reading

Quirgles – A poem by Al Peace

Over the weekend, Al Peace who is a great friend of Illusion Magazine sent us this fabulous poem about the Quirgles. Al is part of the team who puts together the wonderful face and body painting event, Paintopia. He is more usually found with a calculator and a spreadsheet, looking at finances, figures and profit and loss, but he is also a wonderful poet and has had his poems published. We want to say a big thank you to Al for writing this wonderful poem about our favourite creatures – The Quirgles!

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Introducing…Whisper, the Willow Flyer!

She’s a sweet little lady, as precious as can be,

She flitters through the flowers and dances in the trees.

She’s as pretty as a daisy and as friendly as a Telf.

If you sing a little jingle, you’ll see her for yourself.

She loves to hear a song; it fills her heart with joy.

She’s sure to be a favorite of any girl or boy!

063 (2)
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